Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose is happy to be a proud sponsor of AFRICA FASHION WEEK NEW YORK.

We partner with Adiree to celebrate Africa Fashion Week in New York. Soul Purpose is proud to sponsor and will provide body, beauty, hair, skin care and beauty products to support this extraordinary event. Our body and beauty products are designed to make everyone both look and beautiful.

Soul Purpose believes that everybody has a purpose, everyone a calling and potential that continues to be revealed as we live out the journey of our lives. My vision is to support those individuals who want to tap into their passion, potential and purpose by creating an empowering community and environment in which to do so.

My vision with Soul Purpose was to create a company that would offer a rich and diverse global perspective on many levels. I wanted to develop beauty and wellness products that were highly differentiated and contained natural, botanical-based ingredients—products that would enable people to experience universal beauty that would speak to the mind, the body and the spirit. Our product line includes bath and body products, hair care, foot care, therapeutic salves, soy candles and in summer 2012 a new all natural and botanical line of skin care products.

We have created products for women of all colors and ethnicities to look and feel beautiful!

Nadine Thompson

Soul Purpose Founder and CEO.