Renarda Joy | New York

Renarda Joy, the official Beauty Agency for Africa Fashion Week, provides us with their prestigious looks for our international runway.

Renarda Joy, the creative director of Renarda Joy | New York is an entrepreneur, mother, and beauty icon who introduced us to her world when she launched her beauty service company Renarda Joy. Reflecting Joy’s personal standards and need for quality products, her company carefully developed “RJ,” the makeup line which offers skin care for all skin types.

The makeup line celebrates various complexions and aims to arrest the best qualities in each individual.

Joy’s goal to offer exceptional customer service while creating an unforgettable experience for every woman was attained when Joy also included hair styling and wardrobe styling services to her company’s beauty menu.

Such a concoction from a young woman of color, who juggles her role as a Creative Director, brand personality and executive mom- but nevertheless strives for excellence- is destine for greatness.