• Fashion Fast Foward: Fashion Fit for Royals

    African Royal AFWNY

      Did you know, there are currently 165 monarchies in Africa? Everyone may not be official royalty but the fashion industry surely has pieces that are made for Kings and Queen. Doris And Doris, a modern African clothing designer has authentic African inspired pieces that seem to have come straight from the backs of a royal family. …

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  • Holiday Wish Lists: African Fashion Makes Our List And Yours As Well. We Are Sure of It


    Did you get the news? We made the nice list this year! But, honestly it does not matter if we were naughty or nice this time around, we always find a way to get what we want.  And for those who made the naughty list this year, don’t fret, if Santa can’t get it for …

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  • African Jewelry: The Bees Are Buzzin for Cyber Monday And This is a Sweet Deal

    Courtesy of Etsy

    Its Cyber Monday and the internet is buzzing with little busy bees shopping and going for every sale in the comfort of their own home. We have found a way to shop, promote small business and get a good few pieces of gorgeous jewelry out of it. Etsy, a company focused on helping small business, specializes …

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  • After The Holiday Festivities. Trend: Over Size Shirts and Tops Are on Everyone’s Style List

    Thankgivins AFWNY

    Over sized shirts have made a come back to our century but with a whole new twist. The prints, cuts and styles are never ending and there is something for everyone. Thanksgiving festivities was in the air yesterday and as the holiday settles down, we have a style tip for everyone who had a “splurge” …

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  • Africa: The Place of Production, Diversity, Future and Fashion

    Design by Kibonen NY

    Africa. Often called the mother land. Many have seen but many do not believe. The image of Africa that is seen worldwide is sometimes false. There are problems but blessings as in any nation. The fashion industry for one has embraced African culture, women, men and everything else that Africa provides to their world. Many …

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  • FASHIZBLACK Launches E-Store.


      FASHIZBLACK launched its e-store yesterday! With “Diver-City par FASHIZBLACK”, one of the 3 limited-edition collections, it is all about promoting great African cities. For each one of them, the name of the city has a print inspired by a typical fabric from people of the country. Browse around, shop a little and represent your city …

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  • African Inspired Fashion, Inspired by You.


           African style and fashion is more than just patterns, prints and colors It is the simplest thing like scarf, or the most extravagant and most looked at part of the body, like your hair. African fashion is how you walk, your demeanor and aura, not only what you wear but how you …

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  • The 80′s Call : Designer and Stylist Gema Siveroni From Madrid Inspired by African Fashion

    Gema 2

    Gema Siveroni: fashion designer and stylist from Madrid who’s brand is violently vibrant and textured is in the African 80′s.  Africa 80′s, Siveroni’s campaign showcases her use of fabrics and textures, shapes and colors; as weapons for the fashion-able, who are all about artistic expression and are in search of an creative outlet. Her current …

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  • HennaFlower: Mini Skirt Mania

    AFWNY Henna Flowers Mini Skirt Mania

      HennaFlower is a label known for bringing cultures together. In her collections she joins African American and Middle eastern culture to create a line filled with color, prints, and mini skirt action. Above the knee was never so classy. To see the rest of the collection, please visit the HennaFlower Photo Gallery by clicking …

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  • Ill La La Designs: Be A First Lady, Everyday.

    AFWNY first ladt attire

      As we congratulate President Barack Obama on his re-election, we have to be congratulate Michelle Obama as First Lady as well. We all don’t need to be the official First Lady of the United States to look and feel like one. Ill La La Designs showcased at AFWNY 2012 on Day 5, giving us …

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