• Designer Profile: Mason Ewing



    After being blinded at age 15, Mason Ewing has overcome this adversity and continues to make strides in the fashion industry. Mason was born in Cameroon to an American father and a Cameroonian mother and raised in France. His mother was a seamstress and dressmaker, but was murdered when Mason was 4. Inspired by his mother’s work he decided to work in fashion and follow in his mother’s footsteps.


    After moving to France to live with his aunt and uncle. However in an abusive household, Mason suffered a seizure where he landed in a coma – when he awoke, he was blind.


    But life took a turn for the better as Mason went to college, where he was able to recruit artists willing to sketch the designs he described. However, Ewing discovered he had the ability to distinguish the textures of silks, lace, linen, and cotton twill.

    Since then, Mason’s fashion career has skyrocketed and is now hoping to pursue a directing career in television


    Us at Adiree
    ”The premier communications and branding firm, in New York for African and global business leaders in multiple industry segments, from entertainment to fashion, beauty, politics, media, and government sectors” Black Enterprise, FORBES

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